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Body Cartography - a final presentation

As my Artist in Residency comes to its end today, on Friday 28th July I presented the final pieces that I produced during my time in Amsterdam. You can find below a text summarizing my experience in this wonderful city and my research at Stichting Françoise van den Bosch. The project that I carried out during my residency at Stichting Françoise van den Bosch is entitled Body as Territory / Jewellery as Map . Its aim has been to develop a research on the subject of body perception, looking in particular at the separation between the abstract projection of the body and the sensible experience of it. My intention has been to investigate this duality within my own perception of the body, in order to come to an understanding that could integrate both these aspects. In its final stage the research has been translated into the making of a wearable object that maps the different layers that form the perception of our human body. The exploration of this issue brought me to source i

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